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The application of busbar machine in China should be traced back to the eighties and nineties of last century. At that time, the application of busbar machine in China was not too wide. With the rapid development of China's economy, the application of busbar machine was widely promoted. Complete sets of switchgear manufacturers gradually contact and began to accept the bus processing machine the trinity of the device, to improve work efficiency. The beginning of this century, around the national power sector in 2004 launched 3C certification, requiring high and low voltage sets, transformers and other power industry compulsory certification. The implementation of this policy, and further promote the extensive application of bus processing machine.

The original busbar machining machine is relatively simple, relatively low efficiency, but compared to the previous manual tools, desktop drilling and other older generation of processing technology has been greatly improved. The utilization of copper and waste recycling also played a significant role in progress.

The original bus bending is through the user to do their own bending tools to achieve the bending work, in which case, the angle and consistency of the copper row can not be guaranteed, a workpiece often need three times or more times can be processed To meet the requirements, the work efficiency is very low. Most of the cut through the shearing machine to achieve, cut the end of the uneven, large stretch, leading to the phenomenon of terminal discharge occurs. Punching mostly through the press, desktop drilling, etc. to achieve, there are also low efficiency, hole positioning is not accurate, burr and other defects.

With the gradual development of economic and mechanical equipment, the existing bus processing machine than before the processing technology, whether from the work efficiency and speed, the labor intensity of workers, the beauty of the workpiece, the utilization of copper, To a great extent.

The main function of the busbar processing machine is divided into three parts: one, punching operation, two, cutting operations, three, bending operations. Punching operations include punching holes, elliptical holes, square holes, shaped holes, etc., the shear operation is simply talking about the work of copper, a bus row through the bus processing machine cutting station is divided into different The length of the semi-finished products stand-by, bending operation is through the bus processing machine bending station hydraulic cylinder propulsion with bending mold has been cut to complete the material folded out of different angles, including folding, folding and so on. By increasing the mold, you can also achieve the pressure cable connector, embossing, flattening, riveting and other different processing operations

In the user's use process, and gradually found a generation of bus processing machine some of the drawbacks, such as the replacement of punching die is too frequent, bending angle of the positioning of cumbersome, bending angle consistency is not good and so on. Shandong force to build CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. by optimizing the bus processing machine mold and mechanical structure, and gradually optimize the bus processing machine more reasonable, one after another introduced a turret bus processing machine, double-sided bus processing machine, CNC bus processing machine Multi-type bus processing equipment.


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