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Numerical control bus processing machine CNC part of the operating instructions
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Regular bending steps:

1, start 2 parameter setting 3 save call 4 set the thickness of the plate and the required workpiece angle 5 return to the main interface 6 operation control (bending operation boot default to manual state, use please switch to automatic state.) Point pedal operation can be

Note: Conventional bending use is effective for angular positioning. Equipment bending data is only ideal data. Due to various reasons such as copper rebound, the angle of play may not be allowed, according to the angle of the first real bend can be modified (bending angle Modify the storage is to modify the call inside the elastic compensation, such as set 90 degrees folded out of 92 degrees on -2 degrees can be folded out is 88 degrees +2 degrees can)

2, vertical bending, embossing operation steps; 1 start 2 operation control (point to the desired position to record the current display position of the number 3 return to the main interface 4 parameter settings 5 save the call 6 will record the number stored to set the displacement distance 7 Return to the main interface 8 operation control (bending operation, the default state is manual, use to switch to automatic state.) Point pedal operation can be

Note: The processing of vertical bending and embossing, please switch to the effective positioning for the displacement. Only the displacement position is valid if the displacement is active. 3: fixed parameter password: 332211, fixed parameters can only be modified only the top mold radius, (R5, R10), R5 is 8mm below the copper row bending use, R10 is more than 8mm copper bending use, other parameters please do not modify.


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