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Introduction of three - pole machine
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Busbar processing machine, also known as busbar processing machine, copper processing machine, copper punching machine, copper bending machine, bus processing machine, CNC bus processing machine, CNC bus processing center, bus processing machine mainly for high and low pressure (Round hole, round hole, square hole and other special-shaped hole), bending (flat bending, bending machine, etc.), the main line of copper processing, Vertical bending, U-bend), embossing and other processing.

The cutting station of the busbar processing machine now has three main cutting methods, the first is the oblique cut type, this kind of cutting way out of the copper is no waste, but cut out the copper section is a slope, the first Two kinds of punching and shearing, the shear structure of the knife is a blade, the next knife two blades, cut the copper when the knife on the knife cut the center of two knife, so copper cut after the emergence of an 8mm waste (The patent number: ZL201120262802.1), Shandong force to build CNC equipment Co., Ltd. of the patent, the biggest advantage of this cutting method is neither waste nor can guarantee the formation of cross-section.

Busbar processing machine punching station now has three main processing methods, the first framework of the non-structural structure, this structure of the assembly assembly cost is low, this structure is not a whole upper and lower mold, long-term use likely to cause the upper and lower mold eccentric, Mold eccentricity is likely to cause damage to the punching die, the second type of single-arm structure (patent number: ZL201120262917.1) Shandong force to build CNC equipment Co., Ltd. of the patent, this punching structure for the whole, the mold hole for the processing center The third is a turret structure, this structure is the first force to build Shandong CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., now the market above the eight-mode, six-mode, the mold is the same, Four-mode three, eight-mode advantage is the biggest advantage is not for mold, the disadvantage is the workers when the line of sight is poor, folded bent copper need to punch the second punch can not be processed, the advantages of six-mode is to reduce the mold replacement Frequency, shortcomings are the same line of sight, copper row punch can not be completed.

Busbar processing machine bending station structure there are two main ways, the first is open, the biggest advantage of this bending method is the copper row when the upper and lower copper row convenient, the disadvantage is easy to bend the copper The same angle from the same angle is inconsistent, resulting in copper in the shell when the installation of the screw hole is not installed, the second is closed, the biggest advantage of this bending is the structure of the upper and lower solid, folded bent copper up and down the same angle , The disadvantage is that the upper and lower copper is not convenient.


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