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Hunan CNC bus wire processing machine, CNC bus connection debugging installation
发表日期:2017/6/14 8:40:08 浏览次数:2784

In September 2016, Hunan signed a 130-type bus bar chain processing machine, 80 tons of CNC bus processing machine, each one, according to the contract duration of 80 CNC bus processing machine, 130 NC connection row, the workshop workers after ten consecutive ten Yu days work overtime, early October equipment to the customer to use the scene. October 10 equipment installation, commissioning, training. During the debugging process, the CNC busbar machine is cut and bent, which conforms to the requirements of the customer. The punching does not conform to the customer's use habits. After the field modification, punching, tapping and installing the accessories to meet the customer's requirements. CNC bus connection row, in the process of debugging the installation process, the company leadership, production director, production workers highly praised the production efficiency of CNC connection row, before the company uses old-fashioned processing methods, to three processing steps, cutting, punching, Pull the side, I produced a CNC connection row processing machine, three steps to complete a process, the workers can only discharge material, improve production efficiency more than 5 times, but also save two artificial, to the company to save labor costs.

In the process of debugging the NC connection row, it is found that the precision of the pull-out is not in accordance with the requirements of the customer. By adding the high-precision hydraulic solenoid valve and the hydraulic throttle valve to the technical and production director's communication and equipment modification, the machining precision is ensured, And the use of efficiency to customers of our company's equipment highly recognized.


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